Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eliminating sugar ~ week 1

So my first week of removing sugar from my diet is going well, one week down of my three month trial *grin*. 
I've had no side effects or cravings as yet and I am sure the lack of cakes, biscuits, chocolate, bread and jam, ice cream etc. is good for me. 
No weight loss as yet however, but it is very early days.
Sadly my copy of Sweet Poison by David Gillispie hasn't arrived as yet but I have found another good book and website on removing sugar from your diet, by another Australian as well, Sarah Wilson of I Quit Sugar. As its an eBook, I was able to download it immediately and its a great read and its giving me great tips to help withdraw from sugar in my eating habits.
One of the pleasant surprises is that wine and strong spirits, in moderation of course, can remain in my diet as the sugar from the fruit is used up during the fermentation process.
Now that's a bonus, hic!


  1. I am on the Clean and Lean diet which is also very much against eating sugar. It tells me wine is a no no so I think I'll switch to the Sweet Poison theory instead :-).
    I started off with six kilos to lose and have lost three of them since I cut down on sugar. I would have lost more by now except I still enjoy dark chocolate, and occasionally milk chocolate, on a regular basis, as well as a glass of wine every night. I cheat and have the odd bit of cake or biscuit but my tastes have turned towards the savoury rather the sweet in recent years so I don't really miss biscuits and cakes.
    Cutting down on or cutting out sugar really will work. In the first two weeks of Clean and Lean you're not allowed fruit or wine because of the sugars and I dropped a kilo during that time. Not sure what Sweet Poison has to say about fruit but I suspect eat it in moderation.
    I look forward to hearing how your journey progresses.

    1. I will look it up Carinthia, thanks! Gald to hear that weight loss is possible. My life has been a 'swings and round-abouts' with weight, most annoying, I loose it, keep it off, then it creeps back again and the cycle recommences, sigh!

      I like to cycle as well and I see you do as well, its such a lovely way to travel the roads I reckon :)