Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Live local challenge

Blue Mountain Bliss is dedicated to the Think Global Act Local philosophy and the newly launched live local challenge, is a fabulous local initiative running in Sydney this week.

The challenge has been created to highlight the importance of living locally to ensure a sustainable Sydney into the future and to challenge us all to reduce, reuse and recycle, grow our own food and make our local community a part of our lives, rather than be separate from it.

The challenge was launched last night at Table 20 in Surry Hills and you can read about the fabulous locally sourced food and drink that was enjoyed on the blog.

The first two participants, Rebecca Varidel (yes, the Rebecca of the ANZAC biscuits post) and Kate Carruthers, are challenged to:
  • meet their neighbours and the people who work in their community
  • eat delicious food grown as close to where they live as possible
  • minimise the use of fossil fuels, especially for transport*

* This will be the hardest one for a lot of people. Walking, bicycles and public transit are good ways to reduce (and to keep you closer to your own neighbourhood!). But this challenge is about experimenting and being creative, not about absolutes. ( Live Local blog).

Both will Twitter @frombecca and @kcarruthers and blog their experiences during the seven days of the challenge, Rebecca at and Kate at .

Each of them will tackle it in their own way and I recommend you follow them on Twitter, read their blog posts and give them heaps of encouragement and pointers to useful resources if you can.

You can join the challenge this week as well, just send an email to info AT livelocal DOT org DOT au and tell them when you're starting or post a comment on their blog.

The Live Local challenge has similarities to Get Up's Climate Action Now initiative that we participated in back in 2007.

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