Monday, April 20, 2009

Baking ANZAC biscuits

It's the last day of my holiday and a wet and dismal one at that, so to cheer myself up, and avoid the back-to-work ironing pile, I decided to make some seasonal ANZAC biscuits.

I don't have a sacred family recipe handed down from nanna, to mum, to me, so I used the recipe from Becca's Bakery blog, it's her family recipe, pretty typical of all ANZAC biscuit recipes out there on the inter-web and easy-peasy to whip up a batch. They turned out well and are delicious.

If your looking for something 'authoritative', here's a link to the ANZAC recipe on the Australian War Memorial site.

What with easter buns and eggs, home made spiced buns, sweeties bought at the royal easter show and now ANZAC biscuits, its been worse than christmas! I will have to exercise non-stop and count calories madly over the next few weeks.

Update on biscuits - 24 April
I took them into work today and my colleagues gobbled them up with glee and high praise 'best ones I've ever had' said one - quite chuffed really, especially as one of them exhibits at the Royal Easter Show and is a very fine baker herself.


  1. gee BIG thanks for baking up my family recipe and for the link to my blog x Becca x isnt twitter grand to connect us -

  2. heh, my pleasure, its a great recipe and we are enjoying the biscuits.

  3. oh yummy...these look excellent!