Sunday, April 05, 2009

An art show, a festival and BBQ as well

Well its been a busy weekend here in my hometown of the Blue Mountains (to misquote Garrison Keillor).

The art show was on Friday night, the BMCC Waste to Art competition awards night and the art works were really amazing as can be seen by the winning entry of the yellow dragon, made, I think, from an old leather couch.

My particular favorite was the Lapstone Primary School's bottle lid mandala, the kids collected all the lids, created the installation during recess and lunch, took photos for the exhibition, pulled it apart and then all the lids were distributed to classrooms for different things like mathematics et al.

The food at the event was excellent, catered for by Luscious, it was vegetarian feast of spinach pies, veggie bake, rice balls, dolmadas, spring rolls, plus a range of great dips and other nibbles.

Saturday it was the Springwood Foundation Day Festival. This is an annual event that celebrates, obviously, the foundation of the village of Springwood, its not as much fun as Winter Magic in Katoomba, but still much fun can be had if you give it a chance. There are lots of stalls run by local community organisations selling homemade jams, cakes, woodwork et al., a parade, stages where local artists perform and a small fun fair for the kiddies with jumping castles et al. I entered the wood turners raffle and won a lovely plate and mug, very pleased with them.

Today we were at a friend's housewarming further up the mountain and she prepared a Caribbean feast of dirty rice, BBQ chicken and fish and salads, it was a fine feast and the deserts of flour-less chocolate cake and mixed berries with a home made carmel yogurt were equally delicious, I must get the recipe.

While we were frolicking, the slow cooker was busy making baked beans on Saturday and borscht today, but more of that in my next post.

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