Monday, March 23, 2009

Ukulele lady

I went to a Beginners Ukulele workshop on Sunday and I am in love with my new found ukulele skills, it is such an easy instrument to learn. I had a ball at the course, my musical background is vocal (choral and folk) rather than instrumental and I was very pleased to be able to pick up the uke and play songs almost immediately, in fact, the one day workshop with the ukulele had me far more proficent than a whole year of adult piano lessons, almost instant gratification, can't ask better than that.

I know many people think its a toy instrument, but that's just musical snobbery I think and perhaps, given its history less than PC? Hmmm, something to think about and of course Tiny Tim didn't do it any favours and the desire of the post war baby boomers to chuck away all that was old for the bright and shiny new things didn't help its popularity. However, the uke is having a revivial again and I have joined the band wagon.

The ukulele is used in the Canadian education system to teach music and its very successful, far more than the dismal recorder that we have in Australia, as its easier to learn than guitar, flute, lute or piano, an excellent beginners instrument and great to get across musical therory and harmony et al.

Ah well, back to my strumming practice.......


  1. Lovely blog - good luck with the ukelele - keep it up!

  2. Thanks, I'll need the luck, instruments and I have a long history of not getting past first base LOL.

  3. You're not a .. a *gemini* are you!? ;-) I'm sure you'll continue to be entertained as it is a very easy instrument to play and cheery, too.

  4. I certainly am - LOL! Thanks for the encouragement.