Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An omelet and a glass of wine....

Elizabeth David is a hero of mine, and of many others I know, I first found her Omelet and a glass of wine in a second hand book shop many moons ago and fell totally in love with her writing style, I was swept away to the Mediterranean, to delicious food that was a world away from my mother's grilled chops and three veg. Sadly that first edition copy has long since left my life - *sigh* - I have a newer edition now. Still and all, from Elizabeth David, I learnt that with a few good ingredients a good meal can be yours.

Wednesday night my beloved goes to her yoga class, I go on Tuesday's as I am a tad more advanced in the practice than she, so this means I have a night to myself and tonight I made an omelet because the pantry and fridge are still pretty empty. I had eggs, sadly not eggs from the Lawson chook lady, but still free range, organic and vegan, some aging tasty cheese, the fruit bowl supplied a tomato and I picked up some fresh mushrooms on the way home to supplement the filling. I love fried mushies in an omelet.

Omelets are considered technically difficult to make, but I've never found them so. If you have all your ingredients ready and a hot pan, you'll be eating a filling and scrumptious meal in a very short space of time.

So, here's what I did to make tonight's omelet. I popped three eggs in a small bowl and beat them till they were nice and yellow, I added some fresh ground salt and pepper, then grated my hard heel of cheese, sliced my tomato and mushrooms. Ingredients done.

Next I heated a heavy based fry pan (I used non stick tonight as I wanted as little fat as possible) and melted a knob of good organic butter (be careful not to burn your butter) under a medium flame and cooked the mushrooms until they were nice and brown. I set these aside in a bowl.

Onto making the omelet. I added another knob of butter, heated the pan on a high flame, poured in my eggs, moved the mixture around to ensure that the base didn't firm too quickly, then when its still unset on top, like so:

I added the mushrooms, tomato and cheese on one half of the omelet

and then flipped the other half of the omelet over the topping

and slide it onto my dinner plate.

It was delicious, the inside was soft and still a bit gooey (which is how I like it to be, I like scrambled eggs like that as well) and the fresh tomato is a good foil for the lightly melted cheese (the heat of the omelet does this) and the cooked mushies.

Oh, and yes, the glass of wine, I had a bottle already opened in the fridge, a Braided River Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, 2008, went perfectly with my omelet.

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