Monday, February 23, 2009

Shopping spree

Continuing the theme of not buying it I have a hunger for new work clothes. My current ones are getting tatty, particularly the back of the jackets where my backpack rubs against them and its getting harder and harder to make my shirts look good and get those pesky lunch dribble stains out.

So I have being sorely tempted by the siren call of the designer suit collections - buy, buy, buy...... and I could not resist, I wandered dazed through David Jones, seeing 25% off every item, thinking this is so good, its even on sale. I tried a Sportscraft suit on, it looked elegant, but it was wool so I hesitated as its really too hot for an airconditioned office and took it back to the racks. I wandered more dazedly up and down and found the Table Eights sale, but they had nothing in my size so I was scuppered again. I tried a Sportscraft shirt on and while I was musing on it, J-L bought it for me, and that was the end of the spending spree.

Today at lunch I popped into Broadway Vinnies and for an outlay of $8 bought an 'as new' Portmans light charcoal gray jacket and a pearl gray silk dress shirt (designer label). The shirt and jacket go beautifully together and both will go with a pair of dark charcoal pants I already possess, an instant suit.

My shopping urge has been satiated and I am saved until the siren call beckons me again.....

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