Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This cool weather has brought on knitting fever in the household.

I have commenced a new pair of bed sox in a variegated green yarn, man made fibre as I am allergic to wool directly against my skin.

I'm using a 1950's knitting pattern.

JL is doing a rather complex fair isle pattern that she has designed herself and it is looking fabulous.

As you can see, in almost the same time that I have knitted half of my ribbed band, J-L is a third of the way up the front of the vest, well she did start knitting as an infant after all!

I used to really dislike knitting, probably because I was very clumsy at it, but I have persevered over the last two winters and have improved my knitting style and can now throw my wool over the needle in true professional knitter style, its a much more efficient and easy way to knit, but it was hard to get the skill into my head and the knack of it into my hands. It is possible to teach an old dog new tricks after all and it also helps that J-L is there to fix all my 'training wheels' mistakes!

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