Friday, May 04, 2012

Sugar free - still after two months

Our household has been sugar free for the last two months.

We experienced none of the issues that are written about in Sweet Poison, no withdrawal, or other unpleasant symptoms. We're grateful for this.

We have both lost weight, we are still losing weight, this is good, this was the objective. I suppose its the loss of sugar, but as we aren't eating cakes, biscuits, dried fruits, it could be this instead, how could I tell really?

I am enjoying eating butter and other so called 'bad' fats, as I do enjoy a bit of bread with my butter, lol!

We've returned to wheat, but only organic or old grains like spelt.

We will continue without sugar for the foreseeable future,hopefully continuing to lose weight.


  1. Well done you! We're semi-sugar-free. I'm trying hard but dammit, my husband is a chocoholic. He insists on buying good dark chocolate and I do succumb some nights after dinner. He's also a marmalade addict but I haven't hard marmalade for months.

    We haven't given up wine; there's a limit! I love my glass of wine with dinner.

    What's really hard though is when you need to consider what's in pre-bottled sauces. I love Japanese food and like to splash some Teriyaki sauce on a stir fry. No points for guessing what the second ingredient is. Sugar. Aargh!

    Anyway still losing weight too, albeit slowly. Any loss is a good loss though, isn't it!?

    1. Thank you!

      We still eat chocolate, but its sugar free, its also raw, dark, organic and made in Australia! its called Loving Earth and you can buy it online from Hazelbrook Healthfood. Its scrumptious, its sweetened with Kakadu plums or argave syrup, yes, still fructose, but better than cane sugar.