Monday, April 12, 2010

Link love ~ blogs I love

A page of link love, this page will grow and change, so visit often.

Australian women
Tina Used to be Mummified Times Five, but has recently changed names. Tina and I met on Twitter and her blog is informative, amusing and down to Earth and I like that a lot.

Inside Cuisine Rebecca Varidel & guests sharing recipes & more from Celebrity Chefs, restaurants, food producers & farmers, travellers, friends … another Twitter find @frombecca
A page of link love, these are bloggers that I admire and enjoy, the list will grow and change, so visit often.


  1. Thanks for the link to the Blue Mountains Comnunity Gardens site, I have an update for you - the link you have to the community gardens site is a little out of date, since we moved to a wordpress based site, there's no longer an index page, as per your link. Please just point to instead. Hope to see you there one Friday!

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