Saturday, September 26, 2009

Moving house

Spring has sprung and the weather is windy and changeable and full of the scent of wild flowers and all the garden flowers coming into bud and I have been absent from Blue Mountain Bliss while we moved house.

We have moved further 'up the hill' to a small two bedroom cottage, we wanted to reduce our household footprint and we have done just that, however, deciding what to bring, what to sell and what to give away, has taken a considerable amount of decision making. Then packing everything up that remained, packing, packing, packing until we were heartily sick of it all! Finally the moving day and the excitement of unpacking everything and putting everything in its new place in the new space.

Thankfully we had two weeks of leave to do it all and it has meant that apart from our books, which need a wall bookcase made for them (we have over 100 book boxes), everything is unpacked (well mostly) and we are nicely settled in our new home.

The new house is a 1950's fibro cottage, it was originally built as a company holiday home, which is probably why it feels so joyful and happy. The cottage has a lovely sun room that is perfect for cold winter days, a good sized lounge room with a slow combustion fire, an original 1950's kitchen that we love, two reasonably sized bedrooms and a bathroom. The laundry is outside, functional, with old fashioned cement tubs, great for dyeing fabric, plus there is a small 'bloke's shed' and outbuildings for the bikes. Even better, we have retained our studio space as there is a large two room studio at the back of the block for all our arts and crafts and for the occasional guest to come for a visit. Perfect!

The cats settled in immediately, helped by the fact that we were here everyday in the first two weeks I think. We are extremely happy, we are much closer to our friends and the mid-mountains suits us much better.

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