Sunday, June 29, 2008

Started my gown

Today I have started my Italian renaissance gown using Mistress Leona Khadine d'Este and Mistress Enid d'Auliere construction methods from their aforementioned workbook. I have chosen these fabrics Chosen fabrics a light blue for the lining, dark blue velvet for the bodice and sleeves, and the light blue and yellow diamond tapestry curtaining for the skirt, all from my stash.

I fitted the toile Fitting the toile and then cut out the fabric Cutting out the bodice and got to work stitching it all together Pinning three layers together Recut bodice front necklineBodice sewn except for armholesBack of bodiceI'm pretty chuffed as I wasn't too sure whether I had the sewing skills to put it all together, but it has turned out well so far.

My last bit of work on it tonight has been to test the skirt and trim Testing skirt fabric next I added some gold trim to the bodice Testing trims 1Testing trims 3I'm not sure if I prefer both or just the simple gold braiding which is quite elegant I think, but the both combined are nice and 'blingie' All elements except sleeves here's a full shot, I shall sleep on it and decide tomorrow.

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  1. Wandered over from yahoo. Just gorgeous! (and I forgot what the question was! *blush*)

    -jerusha (FlorentineScot on LiveJournal)